This series will be dedicated to AVR microcontrollers. The term AVR refers to sometechnology. Anyway, there are lots of variations available under this name. To choose which one to use is completely your project dependent. Your project may be a large one, may be it only   cares about I/O , possibilities are infinite like I said before. So it will be best if you go here and find the controller you need. As I myself started learning microcontrollers with AVR controllers, I intend to write tutorials about them first.

There are certain pros of starting with AVR controllers like –

  • They are really easy to learn, Open source GPL licensed compiler (GCC) ready to use and it is well supported.
  • Large community (i.e AVR Freaks ).
  • Single cycle instruction set( meaning almost all instructions will take exactly one instruction cycle ).
  • Low cost programmer circuits are available( like USBasp ) which are Open source.
  • Available in the local markets.
  • A very convenient Open source programmer software AVRDude  is there to serve you.
  • Compilers and programmer software are cross-platform.

The key thing is you can start learning microcontrollers using AVR controllers with a very convenient budget. That’s an important point for students like me 🙂

So let’s start with AVR controllers !

REMINDER : Have you read the two important posts of mine ? If not, read them now ! Here’s Things You Need and A Few Things to Remember . Don’t skip them.

All of the tutorials here will be made on Archlinux (A very lightweight and highly customisable Linux). Feel free to use any other Linux distribution. I will not be writing about Windows OS ! So if you face any problem working on Windows OS please search google for a solution first. I am always open to hear from you. So feel free to ask, share or correct me. You can email me at .

REMINDER : Hey ! Like you, I am still learning, so I can make mistakes, miss something important. So if anyone finds something that should be corrected please let me know.


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