Things You Need

Learning microcontrollers is easy and fun. But you need to fulfill some requirements first. Let’s categorize them into 3 types –

  1. Knowledge : 
    1. A fair understanding about assembly/ C / C++.
    2. Some basics about electronics and electrical elements.
    3. Some knowledge about sensors 
    4. Don’t mind to sit in front of your PC for the whole day ! (well, you will not notice the time as it will be a fun time)
    5. Open mind !  There may be a better choice for your need. Are you ready to accept it ?
    6. A thirst for knowledge.
  2. Software :
    1. As I will be using Linux , you may want to install one on your PC too. There are a lot of options available like – Debian, Archlinux, Mint, Opensuse, Ubuntu etc etc. Choice is completely yours. I will be using Archlinux through out the tutorials.
    2. A compiler to compile your source codes written for your microcontroller.
    3. A programmer/burner software to download to compiled code to your microcontroller.
    4. A circuit schematic designer software (i.e KiCAD )
    5. A circuit simulator ( there are commercial softwares like Proteus)
  3. Hardware :
    1. First of all you need a burner/programmer. I will talk about this later.
    2. Microcontrollers.
    3. Circuit elements like resistors, capacitors, inductors, op-amps, bjts etc. You will have a list before every tutorial.
    4. A decent power supply with variable outputs. Some times the usb power provided from the burner will be sufficient to run the circuits.

Above is just a rough list of the things you will need. Do you think that you are ready to start ?


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